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 Swim Meet - a competition where swimmers compete against other clubs, emphasis being on FUN and personal improvement.

"A" swimmer - Those who have achieved the highest level of summer swimming.
"B" swimmer - Those who have achieved the second level of summer swimming.
"C" swimmer - Those who have achieved the entry level summer swimming.

Development - Those who are learning the basic technique of competitive swimming.

Blocks - The things used to dive off at swim meets. You may dive from the pool edge if you wish.

Time Cards - The piece of paper used for each swimmer's event; includes name, time, club, event no., etc.

Division - The name for a group of swimmers divided by age.

DQ-  (not to be mistaken for Dairy Queen) short for disqualification, occurs  if the stroke or turn is not done properly. This happens to everyone  sooner or later!

Event -  A name for a single race (ie. 50 free)

Event Number - The number that corresponds to the event being swum.

Heats - Where swimmer's names and event numbers are listed at meets.

Finals - At certain meets only, the six or eight fastest swimmers from the heats get to race each other in the afternoon.

Heat Sheet - Where swimmer's names and event numbers are listed at meets.

Marshalling Area - The area where swimmers get their time cards before racing and wait here before their race.

Starter - The person with the gun or horn. He/she starts the race.

Timers - The friendly people who sit behind the lanes and take your card and time your race.

Warm-up - Takes place before the swim meet starts, prepares the swimmers for the races and allows coaches to take attendance. 



Summer swimming is our main season which runs May-August.  During the off-months we run two sessions of winter maintenance; from September to December and January to April.  Registration is held three times per year; in April, August and December.

During the Summer we swim Monday to Friday afternoons and have the option for some early mornings.

During Winter maintenance, we swim Tuesday and Thursday evenings.



 What is the Salmon Kings swim schedule like? 

The  Salmon Kings are a Summer Swim Club, and thus it is our busiest time.   There is the opportunity to swim everyday from Monday to Friday, however  we understand that it is summer, and that vacations and other things  may happen!  We are a fun club and are pretty easy going! During  the "off" season we conduct winter maintenance, where the swimmers can  only swim up to 2 hours per week in an organization.  Thus, we swim on  Tuesday and Thursday evenings from September to April.

How often do we have to attend swim meets? 

No  one HAS to attend meets.  We have some swimmers that just like to come  to practice and the fun things we do during the summer.  We have others  that attend every meet, and then we have some that pick and choose which  to attend.  How many meets, and which meets to attend is totally up to  the swimmer and the family.

How much fundraising is required of me, as the parent?

Currently, we do not have any fundraising requirements!

How much are fees?

Fees  can change from year to year, depending on the club costs for the pool  times, etc.  However our current fee to swim Winter Maintenance twice a  week is $200.00, per swimmer from September to December.  Summer fees are $315 for May-mid August (without early-bird discount). 

What equipment does my child need?

They  need a suit and goggles.  To compete at swim meets, we also have team  caps.  There are numerous different types of suits from the traditional  speedo type, to jammers for males, and traditional suits to shark skins  for females.  And, of course, a towel!  

How do I know which Swim Division my child is in?

Swim Divisions are determined by your  swimmer's age.  A link to the BCSSA 2018 Age Locator document is below. Find your swimmers birth year and birth month on the right hand columns  of the grid and their swim division and approximate ages are indicated  to the left.  April 30th is the "cut off" for swimmer's age. The BCSSA Age Locator is available in the files below. 

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