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We are currently in the midst of our Winter Maintenance Program, for those swimmers that want to keep up with their skills a couple nights a week during our "off" season.

If you have any questions regarding the club, winter maintenance, or registration; please visit the Contact Us link.

We are still accepting registrations for the Winter Maintenance Program - for two nights a week, and for swimmers only wanting to swim one night a week.  Space is limited!


We are happy to announce that there is construction currently ongoing on our website!

As you'll notice to the left, we are setting up online registration, online payment for meet fees - and maybe most exciting - our online store for all your CRSK Gear and Equipment needs!

Please be patient with us during this process, we hope to be up and "swimming" soon!


If you have any pictures that you took of the swimmers this last season, that you would like to share (to be used on the website and our FaceBook page), please email to registrar@campbellriversalmonkings.ca or send them via message on our CRSK FaceBook page.

Thank you!

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